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Rhein Chemie Additives

Your specialist for polymer and specialty chemicals processors

The Rhein Chemie Additives business unit develops, manufactures and distributes additives and services for polymer and specialty chemicals processors.

Rhein Chemie Additives offers more than 4,000 customized agents, specialty chemicals and service products for the rubber, lubricant and plastics industries as well as water treatment products and pesticide manufacturing products.

Rhein Chemie Additives is divided into four Business Lines

  • Plastic Additives
  • Rubber Additives
  • Lubricant Additives
  • Colorant Additives

Key brands and products

Business Line Plastic Additives - Focusing on Processing

The high-quality additives and finishing chemicals in the Plastic Additives Business Line improve the processability of ingredients and the properties of the end products.

  • Adimoll®, Mesamoll®, Triacetin, Ultramoll®, Unimoll® and Uniplex (specialty plasticizers for polymer processing)
  • Disflamoll® and Levagard® (phosphorus-based flame retardants)
  • Mersolat® (polymerization emulsifier)
  • Stabaxol® (hydrolysis stabilizers)
  • Addonyl® (additives and catalysts for cast nylon)
  • Addocat® catalysts, Addolink® crosslinkers and Addovat® stabilizers (for the production of polyurethane rigid and flexible foams)


Plastic Additives also has solutions for water treatment and products for the manufacture of pesticides in its product range.

  • Bayhibit® (phosphonates for water treatment)
  • Baypure® (biodegradable dispersing and complexing agents)


Phosphorus chlorides and phosphorus oxides are the raw materials for chemical synthesis in the production of flame retardants as well as pesticide and pharmaceutical ingredients:

Business Line Rubber Additives - Focusing on Quality

From the development of the mixture to the production of the finished component: As a partner to the rubber industry, the Business Line offers high-quality solutions to all the challenges in rubber processing.

Rubber Additives offers additives from A to Z, from antireversion agents to zinc dithiophosphates.

The Rubber Additives Business Line provides the rubber industry with a broad range of pre-dispersed chemicals, processing agents, vulcanization and filler activators, anti-sun check waxes, release agents, tire marking inks and high-performance bladders for tire production.

Additives for the rubber industry:

  • Aktiplast®(peptizer for natural and isoprene rubber)
  • Rhenodiv® (release agents)
  • Rhenogran® (polymer-bound chemicals and additives)
  • Rhenoshape® (tire curing bladders)
  • Vulkalent® (for customized processing of rubbers in all application areas – from tires, profiles, hoses, and cables to seals and drive components)

With its products for the tire industry – Rhenogran® CLD-80, Aflux 37 and Vulcuren – the Business Line offers the necessary solutions for the production of "green tires" – tires that provide a response to the worldwide growing demand for sustainable mobility. 

Business Line Lubricant Additives - Focusing on Performance

Under the brand name Additin®, the Lubricant Business Line offers a comprehensive product line of additives and additive packages for industrial lubricants and greases.

Additives for the lubricants industry:

  • Additin® EP - high-pressure additives
  • Additin® AW - anti-wear additives
  • Additin® CI - anti-corrosion additives
  • Additin® WM - water-miscible additives
  • Additin® AO - antioxidants
  • Additin® PA - additive packages
  • Additin® SP - specialty products

Business Line Colorant Additives - Focusing on Color

Outstanding product quality, many years of technical expertise and compliance with diverse regulatory requirements are the crucial qualification standards of the product range in the Business Line.

  • Bayfast® (organic pigments)
  • Bayplast®* (organic pigments for coloring plastics)Bayscript®* (dyes and organic pigment dispersions for the manufacture of ink jet inks and the office supply industry)
  • Ceres® (dyes for coloring)
  • Solfort® (organic pigments)
  • Macrolex® (organic dyes for coloring plastics)
  • Levanyl®,Levanox®, Levascreen® (pigment preparations)

Main industries and areas of application

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Machine construction
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Shoe
  • Paper
  • Construction,
  • Adhesives,
  • Metal working
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Coloring
  • Water treatment
  • Precursors for pesticides
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Levaform® is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, Germany
Santoweb® is a trademark of Rhein Chemie Corporation, United States
Urepan® is a trademark of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Germany

If you want to find out more about Rhein Chemie, visit or contact one of the company's global representatives.