Shadeacrete® Products

Powder pigments for cementitious applications

The Shadeacrete® Range of pigments are blended grades manufactured at our Branston factory and available in a wide range of packaging types and weights. They are manufactured specifically to enhance the appearance of cement and lime based products.

Please read this important information before viewing the Shadecards:
Due to the limitations of computer colour reproduction, the shade cards available on this website must not be relied upon for colour choice. Instead, for reliable reproductions of the colours that can be achieved in cement using Shadeacrete® pigments, please ask for an original copy to be sent to you in the post. 

Some colours are also available as individual shade cards showing the colours at differing dosages.  Samples of the actual pigments can also be supplied to enable you to carry out your own trials in your raw materials. We always recommend that actual trials are carried out prior to purchase.

General Information
Our technical advice whether verbal, or in writing or by way of trials, is given in good faith but without warranty, and this also applies where proprietary rights of third parties are involved. it does not release you from the obligation to test the products supplied by us to ensure their suitability for the intended processes and uses.

The application, use and processing of the products are beyond our control and, therefore, entirely your own responsibility. Should, in spite of this, liability be established for any damage, it will be limited to,the value of the goods delivered by us and used by you. We will, of course, provide consistent quality,of our products within the scope of our General Conditions of Sale and Delivery.

To prevent shade variation in your finished product, we would recommend that pigments be used from the same batch, with all other materials coming from the same sources or batches. Pigment additions should be weighed and not gauged by volume.

For exact reproductions of the colours that can be achieved in cement using Shadeacrete® pigments, ask for our individual shade cards or a sample block made using your raw materials. Shadeacrete® pigments are manufactured and tested specifically for use in cementitious products and although some may be suitable for use in other systems, we cannot guarantee their suitability or colour consistency in applications not based on cement and/or lime.

Further Information


Shadeacrete® shadecard

White Cement [PDF, 105 KB]

Shadeacrete® shadecard

Grey Cement [PDF, 106 KB]